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Our Structural Engineers Reports will provide a professional opinion of the condition of a building, or specific defect, following a visual inspection of the structure.

Feasibility Study:

We offer Feasibility Study Reports for conversion, extension and alteration projects, to provide advice on the viability of the proposals in relation to the existing structure, as well as considering planning constraints and financial implications, in relation to the design aspects.

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In every instance, we visit the property and carry out our inspection, then provide a written report of findings and recommendations. We can also provide schedules and specifications for any remedial works required, and may also suggest monitoring of the situation over a set period of time in order to establish the cause of any problem. Using our partnering services, we are also able to provide an estimation of the remedial works costs, should this be required.

Structural Condition survey:

A full structural condition survey will include a non-intrusive visual inspection of all safely accessible areas of your property and will typically include the condition of the external and internal walls, roof structure, beams, floors and columns.

Structural Survey:

We can provide structural survey reports on areas of concern that you may have in relation to your property. A visual non-intrusive inspection can offer peace of mind should you notice cracking or structural defects within a building or retaining structure.